Our business is to purchase portfolios of non-performing consumer and SME loans, and recover or sell them. We draw on vast experience across financial regulatory, corporate, litigation, and tech capabilities to help distressed debt investors innovate, invest, and thrive. We also service lenders, financial institutions to help them resolve overdue accounts. Our business solution platform delivers insightful and comprehensive service, whether structuring a deal or platform, developing new products. 


We bring a deep technical and analytical understanding of the disruptive technologies in nonperforming loans management that underpin the dept investing industry, ensuring clients benefit from highly relevant and commercial advice, bespoke to the type of technology on which they focus.

DEBT Investment and insolvency management consultancies

Drawing on our combined NPL management and insolvency litigation experience, we provide clients with tough, seamless representation both inside and outside the bankruptcy procedure, regularly brokering favorable resolutions and efficiently defending the interests of our clients.


Our integrated fintech & NPL portfolios management deal team brings a deep understanding of the relevant technology and regulatory landscape in all key markets, from the Europe to the Middle East and Asia. Each deal team member draws on a broad fintech skillset, battle-tested reliability, and experience routinely leading transactions of all shapes and sizes. Our debt investments expertise helps us navigate a constantly evolving global nonperforming loans regulatory environment. From data processing to payments regulation, regulated outsourcings, we pave the way for innovations to thrive in highly regulated environments.


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